How To Use Full Calendar Premium

I think someone had asked this question before, but can’t seem to find the post.
Is there a way to set FC premium key in the Calendar component in Wappler? And if yes, how do I use the premium options?

Or will I have to do a custom integration to use premium stuff?
This is the feature I need to add to my app:

You will need to do a custom integration. Getting that view should be fine … Events may be more challenging. It would be great if Wappler offered these views - many have asked before now.

The code required is here

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Hey @sid,

No way to use the FC premium features with the integrated Wappler version of FC.

I use the premium features extensively in my app I need to use the custom integration. Happy to share any info with you guys.

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Thanks @scalaris for the link. That will be helpful.

I think I have enough to get started from your previous posts @Philip_J. Will trouble you if I get stuck. Thanks for the help.

Thanks @Philip_J

It would b great to see the custom code if you find the time …


I’ve been hoping for this also, I have it built with my resources but haven’t been able to populate the schedule data. Can you point me to the info for a custom integration?