How to use Biometric

How do I integrate user’s device e.g. camera, fingerprint devices to log user in for timesheet.
I have designed Login page {{date, timestamp, username, password}}, sign in option {{biometric (camera, fingerprint)}}, location_id etc…

Thanks to great team!

There is almost certainty that nothing like that exists natively in Wappler. Perhaps Cordova has those features to add to your mobile app?

I am planning to use my employee’s mobile phone and a table kiosk for timesheet/attendance using the embedded devices (finger-scanner and camera) hopefully I will get some ideas…

Wanting to implement something similar, will keep following this thread

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Well guys that’s not really supported natively in Wappler.
You will need to use some API providing such a functionality :slight_smile:

…now that we have heard it from the horse’s mouth. Please suggest to your followers some API and how to integrate it with the powerful Wappler features.

I am also wanting to implement something like this, but using a raspberrypi, if not a desktop PC. I guess it will depend on how the application will “see” the biometric device. Available drivers/interfaces I found before works only with Java and .NET. So the problem here is how the Wappler app can connect using the drivers, maybe if thru Electron? Yes, another way is thru an API, especially if the biometric device has a LAN interface. This would be easier I guess but how it will be done? I am watching this post… :slight_smile:

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There are hundreds of APIs out there. Unfortunately I can’t really recommend any specific API dealing with biometric data. :slight_smile:
That’s a too specific topic which is not really related to Wappler.

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Thanks Teodor, at least pros on this platform are already suggesting powerful tips. We will get somewhere, this may also give Wappler the stride needed if future integration can occur.

Currently I am in no need for such a system. Still decided to have a bit of a Google on the subject.

I think that using a third party’s API’s would do the job as can be seen here