How to use App Connect Route


Anyone know how app connect route works? Maybe some documentation or video will be help.
Tried to understand how app connect route capabilities.

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It’s explained how to use page routes here:

Hi Teodor,

Thank you for the response.

One more question, why the ac routes can only display content from public folder?
I’m planning to using this ac routes to display nested layout inside page view.

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Sorry can you explain your idea more detailed? Are you using nodejs? And what exactly are you trying to achieve? Creating SPA for nodejs is done differently:

Yes I’m using Nodejs.

I’m able to apply SPA Routing for the settings page using your tutorial above.
I’m trying to display different sections to ‘Green Area’ using a sub-menu button (user profile, merchant profile, etc).

To achieve this, I’m using AC Route to display sections. However, I only can display content from the public folder. Is it the right thing to do? Since I’m planning to use this section to display user data (sensitive information).

Seems like we can’t create 2 routes / nested using wappler visual method.
To solve this I create 2 layout page with partials for sidemenu.