How to solve Issue with sub tables and WAMP

I have spend a full day fighting with subtables on a site where the local development is via WAMP

Finally noticed that by default WAMP used the MyISAM engine by default which does NOT support subtables.
Quick conversion of the tables to InnoDB was an instant fix

Suggest any WAMP users out here consider editing their MySQL & MariaDB my.ini files to read

; The default storage engine that will be used when create new tables

Yes indeed InnoDB is the way to for MySQL databases. It supports database relations and referential integrity in general so it is not only about sub tables.

The old myISAM really shouldn’t be used any more.

In Wappler Database manager advanced options you can choose the engine per table as well and change it if you wish.

I found this by accident, the site dates back to 2010 and recently converted fro Dreamweaver to Wappler. The database is original hence the format but if someone manually created the database externally (i know many still don’t us DB manager) they this could rear it’s ugly head. Easy fix just frustrating until you realise why as the Database manager created the tables but both as main tables

Brian (@Hyperbytes) , you are a hero. I wish I had known this 2 months ago. All works well for my MariaDB now that I have updated.

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