How to set other server responses for 'Server Connect' action

In the App Structure>Dynamic Events>Server Connect>
there are actions for start, done, error, unauthorised etc etc

What I would like to know is for example if I want to have multiple error notifications eg:

400 - Check your details
415 - Check File Format
404 - Information not found

How would I set this up ?

are you asking how to set these responses in the server action, or how to show them on the page?

I want to know for example if it returns:
404 then i want to show a notification that ‘Information has not been found’
400 then i want to show a notification that ‘Check your information’

I get how to do the standard notification on start, error, unauthorised etc etc
But I want to fine tune it to different error codes.

Well that is my question - are you setting these in the server action yourself, using Response steps, or are you using some API which returns them?
Also how/where would you like to display these messages exactly?

Sorry, I will be setting a response in the Action Steps.

I want the messages to be set up to Notifications in App Structure.

Well then just use on error event to call the notification and bind the Last Error > Response

ok and then put a condition that the last error == 404 or contains 404

No - why would you need that?
Last error will return the last error message returned by your server action. You don’t need any condition.

ok but how would the notification know the difference?
Please correct me if I am wrong here but if I add a notification to show when it returns invalid then would it not show the same notification for 400 & 404 ?

The notification will return the text you put in the Set Response step in your server action.



Ahha, the penny drops. let me give it try. Cheers @Teodor

There is an example of using the returned status in this thread, in case it helps.


I’m having a problem with the custom response. It seems to me that it was after the Wappler update, as it was working before.
dmxConnectLib\lib\core\Response.php",“line”:238,“message”:“Array to string conversion”,“trace”:"#0

Please check