How to run a custom plugin in wappler?

Hi, Sir
I think you all are fine and doing well, i know you have the vast knowledge in wappler that’s why i just want to know from you how to run a custom plugin in wappler?
i have copy and paste the plugin file to extension folder, as you can see
Project and plugin are in nodejs.

Please share me, if you have any idea about that.

Hi Harshit,

I have moved this to the public arena mainly because I do not answer Wappler questions in a private message. If you do not agree with this move, I will put it back as a private message.

Back on topic: you are better off using the RESTful API’s supplied by Easebuzz, as per:

If you want to know how to go about this, have a look at:

If you want to experiment outside of Wappler, the use Postman; sign up for free.

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@SWInfotech also sent this to me privately.

@SWInfotech why do you feel this approach of sending to multiple people privately is appropriate?


Yes, there is no probelm in doing private or public thing is i need a solution where i was stuck from few hours.
Yes thats easebuzz they are providing api for generating token and using this token in plugin for further steps. API is running well, but need to setup the plugin.

Please do nоt disturb the rest of the users by sending them personal messages with the same question.
If you have a question post it in the forum.


Yes sir,
i know you might have the solution, i’m sorry! if i unknownly disturbed you.

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