How to Round a number with decimals with Server Data Formatter

Hello George ,

When will you update server side formatter ? Because some formatters really not enought for us…

For example we cant use round function on server side … like this round(2)…

I have been waiting long time ago…

I dont know this is bug request or new feature …

Serhat, not sure where you are looking at but with Server Data Formatter we have over 70 data formats for quite a while now and Round has always being there.

Yeap … it woks like this round() no problem but it doesnt work like round(2)

I need to round decimal

Check please

Round is just for full numbers Serhat. If you want to round with decimals just use the “Format Number”

George realy Thank you for your guide … I have been expecting this response for a long time and the project has stopped because of this reason. I can continue now.


I am confused by this @George. I want to do a division calculation and round the result to 2 decimal places but end up with a number that I can then use in other calculations.

According to Wappler, the Format Number function will leave me with a string which potentially has a delimiter too.

How can I do a round to 2 decimal places and end up with a number? Do I then have to do a .toNumber() on the result? Or is there a .round(2) function somewhere that I can use?

Second Question...

I have just tried to do the above using the experimental mode user interface and I have ended up with this syntax:

{{$_SESSION.s_amount_to_pay / s_exchange_rate.formatNumber(2, ".", ",".toNumber())}}

Which I am sure is not what I need. I am looking to calculate:

s_amount_to_pay / s_exchange_rate

Rounded to 2 decimal places.

How do I create that equation on the server side?

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Hello Antony,
It doesn’t matter if it’s on the server side or on the client side - when making calculations and want to use the numbers formatting options on a value which is not a number then you first need to convert it to number.
So (value1.tonumber + value2.tonumber).some_other_formatter

Hi there Teodor…

Thanks for your fast reply!

I feel happy with the converting to a number requirement.

My question is, on the server side, how to calculate

s_amount_to_pay / s_exchange_rate

creating a number as a result which is rounded to 2 decimal places.

(Both of these values are already numbers)

Can you show me the syntax to do that please?


It simply:

{{(value1 / value2).formatNumber(2, ".", ",")}}


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