How To Remove Wappler Launcher From Dock

I hope this doesn’t seem petty and I know this is at the very bottom of the Wappler TODO list… but I’ve done all I can – I think.


Don’t you just click and hold the icon and then slide/push it up to where it is over the desktop and release? it should disappear?

The launcher shouldn’t be in the dock. Usually, only application icons reside in the dock. When the app is closed, application icons will stay in the dock if there’s three or less. More than three will usually be removed.

However, this is the launcher that is hangin out in the dock – uninvited. Ha!

However, after paying close attention to it, I have found that if you open several other apps, they will eventually boot the launcher out.

Maybe this isn’t the launcher icon - but just the regular Wappler icon that you have pinned to the tray?
If you don’t want it - just drag it away from the tray

What is your exact MacOS version btw?

macOS Mojave 10.14.6

It will eventually disappear after about 10 minutes. It’s not a pain, just thought you guys might want to know for cosmetics. :wink: