How to refresh database structure in Wappler

After making a dynamic page with Wappler I may need to make changes within the database (in my case using phpMyAdmin) but when I go back into Wappler the changes are not reflected in any area. Changes such as changing the field type or adding another field into a table. It would seem that Wappler stores the table structure rather than accessing it on-the-fly, is that right? How do I refresh the table structure?
And once the updated database structure is available will I have to create the whole page again from scratch?
I am new to Wappler, DMXzone and this forum and I have tried to search the answer here and elsewhere. I have also watched all of the (very good) videos that have been uploaded. I am determined to learn Wappler inside out but am struggling with some of the terms used and the order in which to do some things. I will conquer with your help.

Click connections configuration then save it again


Yes, anytime you make changes to a table in a database, you must refresh the database connection and then save it. This way the local table information will be refreshed. Afterward all the new changes made earlier will be reflected in the panels.

In come isolated instances, you may have to click the ‘refresh’ button (e.g., Dreamweaver, see attached image below). However, so far, I can’t find a refresh button specifically for a database change in Wappler – it may be automatic?

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I don’t think there is a button specifically to update the database schema. However, the dialog/panel you want is this one:

… which you use initially to set up the connection.

I click the ‘Test Connection’ button and then the ‘Save’ button (but I’m not sure if both are necessary).

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That’s brilliant guys, thanks for the help. Simple (and maybe obvious) when you know. I kept going into the Database Connection panel but didn’t save afterwards. Ah well, onward and upwards :slight_smile:

Well there you go! Available now in Wappler 1.7.1



my lovely database update schema button! Great! I know that having the database compleeeeeetely finished before starting a project would be the way you go… but reality shows me everyday that you can‘t foresee everything. Very helpful and better than „reclicking“ Connection Options and Save it again… Newbies won’t guess, that it works like that. Small but great button! Maybe also dangerous :laughing::ok_hand:t5:


Does this still work. It is being rather rebellious today.

Hi JR,
Yes that’s the way to refresh the database tables.