How to refresh data view

how can i refresh the DataView?
i tried reloading the data caching in the serverconnet that feed the data view but that did nothing

What do you need to achieve?
You can refresh the server action, so that the data view gets the latest data from the server.
Dynamic Events > Server Conenct > Load

i tried that and id didn’t work yesterday but now its working…

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That’s the way of doing it. Probably you just did not bind the dynamic event properly.

i did
but for some reason on the formserverconnect when i close the event and reopen it some actions are gone.
this is happening more than ones

Can you please explain what is disappearing exactly and when, so we can fix it :slight_smile:

i add the following dynamic events to the server connect form

when i add the following action to error event
hide modal
show alert
start action scheduler

then i add the following actions to success event
hide modal
show alert
start action scheduler

now if i go back to the error event and open it up its empty and i have to re add the actions

Thank you for the explanation. We are going to check this.
Can you check if the error event actions disappear from the code as well, or is it only the UI not displaying them?

they are still in the code after i open the event but after i click select on the event they are removed from the code

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