How to refresh an api call on click event?

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Stupid question that I can’t find an answer to. I’ve got an Api call that runs on page load with no issue, and the data populates a table with a repeater row.

But I want to add a refresh button. How do I get the api to re-run (and will it then auto-populate the table?)

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Oh, and I tried this, but it generates a javascript error in the console.

You don’t really need JS. Just use the dynamic click event and call the load function for the api component. You should see it in dynamic picker.

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Hmm. I was kind of looking for that, but didn’t see it. I’ll double check :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping out.

Ah excellent. I was trying to use a flow, not the “play” button for the action. That’s fantastic!

Thanks again for helping out Sid - I really appreciate it.


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