How to reference PHP Variables

I can see some $_SERVER globals in the action steps area but wondered how I could reference said variable. For example, we have a third party solution handling single sign-on which saves a variable as ‘$_SERVER[‘OIDC_CLAIM_first_name’]’. If I echo this back on a standard PHP page I see my name printed. However, adding an echo to Wappler produces no result. My plan is to use such variables as part of database queries for roles etc if only I knew how to access them correctly

I suspect I am missing something obvious so any pointers appreciated.

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$_SERVER is an array which holds information of headers, paths, script locations. Web server creates the entries in the array.

$_SERVER has following basic properties:

  1. Set by web server.

  2. Directly related to the runtime environment of the current php script.

  3. It does the same job as $HTTP_SERVER_VARS used to do in previous versions of PHP

you can use $_server with wappler

for example ;


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you can use sessions …

Hi Serhat,
Thanks for the pointers - I will take another look.

I will sent screen shot for usage