How to properly identify JSON API field properties?

Okay these API works fine! Just struggling a bit to identify which type of JSON i should define, as it doesn’t automatically recognize it. I guess what I’m seeing an marked YELLOW here is a keyed array in json (key:value). How to get that into a chart? (KEYED JSON ARRAYS)

maybe you can use $index[$index]

okay amazing! within just 20 min I could get that amazing chart working! I guess i have chosen now Keyed Array

wooow! @George thanx for that perfect API


Freddy for those special nested JSON objects as data we have special names :slight_smile:

$key and $value

So when fetching this data - you would want to make a repeat region for example after it to display it.

Choose from your example: as a repeating expression.

Then inside the region you can populate the fields with $key to get the date and $value to get its value

Those are also available through the data binding pickup dialog

Soon we will be updating our charts component to handle also such data better directly and even make nice financial candlesticks charts :slight_smile: that you need for stats

hey you got it while I was typing! good job! :slight_smile:

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You can always send some bitcoins this way as a token of appreciation :smiley:

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Haha yes I thought the same: “oh damn George is typing”. Maybe there could be a “post-collision-prevention” :smiley:

So I need to sleep. BTW & Offtopic: This is just cool here:

Focuspoint is funny and pattern lock. Maybe I try to implement that somewhere. Sadly phono isnt working anymore

will see real magic when @george completed oauth2

What do you actually want to do with oauth2 that is so important and you can’t do already @s.alpaslan

We really should tokenize Wappler! That would be amazing. And community members can earn points / send . Like BAT for Brave Browses. (The genius guy who invented Javascript, invented also BAT Token / Brave Browser concept ). So community members can benefit from:

  • Earning WAPP token points
  • Pay in WAPP tokens
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  • Based on ERC20 or newer ERC721 could be also traded on Exchanges
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  • Future funds for new development
  • Whole “closed” ecosystem stays with community and dev. / ambassadors
  • Voting could be done with tokens
  • And the last thing: Its on brand new blockchain technology :slight_smile: could be similar to

@George I want to create voip apps with our sip server but it works Google’s Client Library
and it use token .
I dont know …

" VoipNow Apps use the OAuth 2.0 protocol to obtain authorization to resources. The resources can be accessed using the two APIs: UnifiedAPI and SystemAPI."

Maybe you try i guess it should work … I’m just doing some tests now, looks interesting.

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