How to pick up value from front end?

i need to set value productPros from front end display block.
like on case before i did productForm. but product form on submit run api. can u confirm ?

in this case i cant run api because this api is set to run on callback.
what would be the solution ? to create new api set value point to library and then from library include to this api ? doesnt sound very efficient.

thank you for help

Can you please clarify what are you trying to achieve? Your description is not very clear.

Product price form and api ok. works fine.

but picture above is ORDERandOPEN. this php set for call back . so will run just at moment callback initiating.

yellow value is product number . which should be sent to back end. and when callback initiating ORDERandOPEN api inside api you can see SET VALUE PRODUCTPROS.

so i need to set value PRODUCTPROS to PRODUCTNUMBER
as i understand there is just only way to send value to backend via form. if i do so (let say with form connecting to PULL_productNR_frontend) how i make that value accessable globaly in all apis . so when callback initiating ORDERandOPEN(pic above) i can set value

Ok lets start from the beginning. On your page, you have a repeat region and a server connect form inside it.
Then you submit your form and send an id to the server action, is that correct?

And if the above is correct, what else would you like to do?

Let’s name not related to pics.

I set Form name:productid with post to API getproductId .

How to make accessible on other apis value of $POST.productid from api getproductId

You can use the set session step and pass the value in a session to the other APIs.

Something wrong. sessionproductid not passing to ORDERandOpen api. how to test in ORDERandOpen api if sessionproductid is accesable.?
in vipps_process api set session value tested by set value . everything ok.

Create a set value step and assign the session as a value there, make sure to enable output for the setvalue. You can check the server action response then.

I just tested the set session action and it works fine. After i run the server action setting the session, i can access it in all other server actions.

Something unclear here. when iam testing.
When i click nr1 . it will run just this api in browser. so how it will pick up session value from another api nr2 without running it ? it would be easy if i can uese exec action to run another api. but exec i can run just library. so much confusion in so small step

To be honest, your explanation is more confusing than the functionality.

Of course you first need to run the API Action which sets the session value.
Once it runs, all the other API Actions that run will have access to that session value.

so now i want to test if sessionProductId passing.

in ORDERandOPEN_copy api i need to run another api which is Vipps _process
how to do this ?

I don’t really understand what you mean exactly. If you want to run one API Action after another one finished, just use the dynamic events > onsuccess and call it.