How to paste value from clipboard into an input?

Hi, I’ve successfully implemented copy (or rather Write text to clipboard) feature using browser extension. Now the problem is how to paste the latest value from clipboard to an input?

I expected workflow like this:
Input > Set value > Clipboard
but I couldn’t find the value from clipboard using the UI.

Also, what is Paste feature under Browser and how to use it. To where does it paste the string into?

Thanks in advance.

Bumping this.

I’m testing all components on beta channel and can find the utility of the paste function

I don’t recall ever seeing a paste option? Just use keyboard and paste?

It would be a good feature request though.

Thanks @brad
Actually I remember doing this with js.
I’m asking if this is a bug because don’t know how to use it, and also there are no options on it.

I have a mobile app with a confirmation code process, so a paste button would be nice instead a long tap - paste (A confirmation link is an option but I’m not with deep links right now) :slight_smile:

Hmm, must be just available in Node.js? I think it should say paste ‘from’ clipboard not paste ‘to’ clipboard in the properties though.

Now I gotta go dig further.