How to make the update form work

All the docs I’ve found are working with using the form generator. However, I’ve created a simple form and now want to make it work.

I’ve already done the steps in the Server Actions and created my action to update the record. I’ve got my form on the page. What are the steps to make the form work with the server action without using the generator?

Thanks again everyone. I’m making massive progress. I’m completely rebuilding a site which I originally developed about 12 years ago and it uses almost every feature Wappler provides which makes it an excellent learning project. But I’m still hitting things I just can’t find the way forward with. But they will get less and less :slight_smile:

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Should not be too difficult to make it work without the form generator.

  1. Make sure your form tag is set to method="post" and the action is set to dmxConnect/api/youractionname.php
  2. Make sure in your Server Connect action that you have all the same $_POST variables that are inside your form, you can go and manually create each one if you like by naming then the same as the name="" attribute of every input. Alternatively you could click Globals in your action steps, choose your linked page as the one your form is on, and select the form from the list of available form ID’s on your page which will then auto populate the $_POST Globals.
    You may need to open your Update action step and make sure to bind the correct $_POST variables to the correct database fields.
  3. Make sure your button is set to type submit.

I can not really think of anything else thats needed.


Perfect. Works a dream. Thanks @psweb