How to Make Single Sign On (SSO)

Hello Everyone.
I am looking for SSO for my site login. Can any one please support how to do this in Wappler.
Regards, Yannick

SSO is a very broad concept.

Can you explain a bit more about your setup?

Hi Jon, as a matter of fact i am also new for SSO. i built the login page with database users as Wappler has facility to make one easily. But now the new requirement for my project is, users need to be in database, if windows login is authenticated, they should be enough. Now Wappler has three types of site security 1. Single User 2. Static User and 3. Database Users. Now i am wondering how can i use windows authentication. there is any way to do so in Wappler?

Are you using Active Directory?


Well if LDAP is activated there is a library for php/asp that you can use to retrieve the usernames. Once you have the AD username of the connected user you can use that to match it with your user table with Wappler. But you will need to get your hands dirty and code the part about retrieving AD username.