How to make a form that actually submits. Sort controls don't work on bootstrap tables,

CAn some make a tutorial of how to make a form that actually submits email or updates to a database all the way through from start to finish.

I can make a form… using php.

Did all steps… and debug show data connecting to database and json output.

the submit button does not work on the forms, and the sort controls don’t work either.

Refering to another tutorial does no good because things are left out if you are not an expert at php or javascript.

Can you provide a link to your form so we can see the code?

Nevermind I am an idiot. Didn’t know there was a code view. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: until I clicked on code.

Also choose the wrong server action. I had made two actions named login while messing around with the security tutorial. one was in a folder(static security) and one was out(action for database security) . Was using the static login action instead of the database action by accident. Realize my button didn’t have a name or id in codeview (I think that helped.) deleted the button. and used Generate Run (learn from watching a dmxzone tutorial) on the Form. And added the button back.

anyways… works now.

I wish we could rename server actions for database connect.


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While this is looked at by the Team, you could go into the dmxConnect/api folder and change it there.

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Good call @ben. I suspect a lot of users don’t realise that the server connect panel structure is effectively a file manager type display of the dmxConnect/api folder.
Folders are actual folders in that directory and action files are actual PHP files. In consequence both folders and files can be renamed directly using a file manager, these changes will then be present in the Server Connect view. All links must of course be updated if the folder/file is in use.

In relation to this, I think it would be useful to have a right-click Open Explorer option for these files - as there is for the main file list. Apart from renaming, I often want make a copy of one of the files - eg where I’m making a changes and might need to revert to a previous version if things go wrong.

It is possible to open an api file directly in Wappler, so it would make sense if you could also navigate to it in Explorer/Finder.