How to load a dynamic gallery of images in a light box

we want to open a light box with one image visible and then scroll through the images based on data coming from an array from a server connect. we do not have all the images loaded on the page itself.

imagine a ecommerce web page with thumbnails of the product images and one large product image. on clicking of this product image light box opens up. now we want to scroll through this light box with other full size images - the URL of which are in an array in the server connect.

any ideas please?

you mean as you scroll to load the next image from the array?

Yes, on click of right or left arrow on lightbox, other images should dynamically load.

Nishkarsh Kankaria

Does anyone have a method for creating the above,

I followed the DMXZone Tutorial for creating a lightbox with dynamic data which has worked fine, but like the above I only want one image to show initially and once it is clicked show the lightbox with all the other images found in the repeat.

The only thing I can think of would be to hide all but one of the repeated images somehow…


Yes, that's the way to do this.

And any words of wisdom as to how is the best way?