How to integrate my existed vue.js app with Wappler?

I am new to Wappler, I really want to know whether my requirement is possible before dive into Wappler. Here is my situation:

I have made a web app core functionality with nodejs for backend and vue.js for frontend. Now I want to use Wappler to develop landing page, user management, file management, dashboard, and stripe subscription, and integrate with my pre-made nodejs/vue.js app. Is that possible? My first thought, there are two ways might do that:

  1. First, use Wappler to develop the web app with functions list above, and host it under the main domain, like Second, host my pre-made vue.js/node.js app under a sub domain, like Third, use Wappler-made app as the authentication provider, after user login via Wappler-made app, user click a button in the dashboard, then navigate to my vuejs/nodejs app with a custom token.

  2. Embed my vuejs client code in Wappler made front end, and use Wappler server actions to communicate with my nodejs backend server. I have tried too, with plugin and API connector, it seems to be workable there, but I don’t like the vendor lock in.

Thx for answering my question.

  1. Is totally doable.
  2. It should be doable. Wappler uses it’s own frontend framework similar in some aspects to Vue. You will need to test this integration and make sure there are no js conflicts going on.

Thank you very much for the quick answering ! I will try out the second way. Anything works out, I will post it here.

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IMHO, chuck what you have created and start over using Wappler. The reason is that Wappler creates its own NodeJS functionality and App Connect is a worthy replacement for Vue.

For more, have a look at