How to import a Dreamweaver-created website without access to Dreamweaver

I lost the ability to use Dreamweaver when I replaced an iMac. Now the website exists on the web, though the originating files are on my computer, albeit with far more files than were uploaded, so sorting from the computer would be impossible. I need to connect to the site host and import the website. Is this possible and how – in simple English.

Well just go to the Wappler projects manager and use “open existing folder” option

Thanks. So far, so good. Hold my hand a bit, please.
Now how to I connect to the website. I don’t yet see a place to enter the domain info. Will I see what I saw in DW? My local files on one side of the screen and the uploaded site files on the other half?

All this information is in the getting started documentation.

Gotcha. Thanks. Will hunt for instructions for dummies.
When your mindset comes from the past, it’s difficult to transition to the present or future.

All the steps are there. :wink:

When going through the docs if you have any questions or something isn’t clear, feel free to ask.

Again. Thanks.

Alas. Beyond everything seems to be my comprehension and competence. So frustrating to be dumb as a bag of nails. I’ll have to rent a student to interpret.

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I don’t think it’s you. The documentation organization and content is either non-existent or laid out in a fashion that is difficult to understand in scope and application. Perhaps I should find some ADHD meds (that will cause that state of mind… :wink: