How to handle columns/rows for mobile?

I try to make some layouts but getting stuck with small devices. How to handle stuff like that in best practice?

Now i have in my App Structure the following Layoutlogic:


On Big Screen ok:

Small is ugly:
With which technique i can do smth? Years ago i used float, left, right, both etc. But I guess thats the wrong way. I guess I can make smaller borders/decrease paddings/margins, but is that the way you go?

What I use now is for a ROW i have 12 units in Layout (Size).
So i go never more than 12 correct?.

For Example: ROW X

  • Column A has : 4
  • Column B has : 8


  • Column A has : 3
  • Column B has : 9

So as I can define columns for each Device Screen for ex. Mobile I define Layout size: 12. Is that right? So small screens break my columns and its fitting the screen?


Bootstrap is mobile first, meaning that if you specify col it will automatically span the full 12 columns of the grid.

As an example, if you have class="col col-md-6", the result will be
xs - 12 cols (phone)
sm - 12 cols (landscape phone)
md - 6 cols (tablet)
lg - 6 cols (laptop)
xl - 6 cols (desktop)

I hope that this explains it.

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