How to get Json stored in Local Storage and show its full schema in wappler visual design app

Hi All,

I have a json string stored inside a local session. i want to be able to view the entire JSON schema for bindings in wappler design studio. The json was stored in local session using another page on the website.

So my question: how can i view the json object with its children stored “the full schema” within wappler, so i can easly use its shcema to do data bindings such as auto generate tables etc


I think I had something similar with this topic:

From my understanding Wappler isn't optimally built yet for JSON strings, in terms of user interface. I think some improvements can be made there.

Oh, my requirment is lighlty different. Wappler does have the ability to read JSON, im just hoping they are able present the Child nodes if the json string within the Local Session, i actually think its a bug.

For generating tables, Wappler directly gets all information as soon as you select the server action in generator wizard.
For normal binding, use server connect and select desired server action.
I don't see the need to store a static JSON.

You just have to make a server action with database connect & query (or API, if thats where your data source is) which returns the data that you need. Response of server action is JSON. Then use that action for bindings.

How did the JSON got generated in first place Johnny? Are you using the Stare Manager?

Hi George,

The json was generated using API ACTION - (APPCONNECT).

i have Fired the API and recieved json schema/data on page1. However, i need to use the same data on page2, i do not have the schema available on page 2, (unless i can pass the schema and data to page 2 without firing the api again problem solved…please advise).

So…on page 1 i save the json object in local storage, then i was hoping to use it on page 2, meaning i need the full schema and child nodes made available on page 2.

Does that make sense?

BTW is your payment processor working correctly, i keep getting payment failed.

Then it can be done much easier - define a sessions/loca storage state manager and just use the Data Caching option on server connect. Then the data with be cached so when next page request the same it will be fetched from the cache.

It is all fine - but seems you are using a debit card that has not enough money on it ...

Not possible, lol unless i spent all the money on the weekend.

you mention use server connect, is the same option available data caching, on app connect, as my apis are connected client side? and are they usable on all pages?

Why not using the server API for this (to fetch schema on page 1) then you create a data source from the server action just as you do with the database connection.
Then you use the “cache option” to cache the results and use them across the pages:

Date moving extra hops, meaning slower data retrieval is why i opted out of the server. when returning large data sets.

API Data source has the same caching options:


API data source only seems to accept Get Requests, my API is a post request, which then returns the date :(. Is it possible the API Data Source would accept post requests. or is it possible that the API action where i can do the post call is able to do data Caching?

Why would you want to cache post requests? Those are usually actions that should be executed each time

The banking API’s Provided require a post request. The post accepts input details, and returns data, im not sure why its like that but unfortunatly it is. all their apis are only post, for example i can post customer firstname, lastname, dob in json, it will return back huge json with CreditFile, bankstatment data etc. it is that data i need to use again in other pages. For example i need to use the credit file in page 1, then bankstatment data in page 2.

Also i dont want to cahe the request, i want to cache the response i receive, on a final note, it would be nice if i could use variables in the URL Http request, like in the server API action.