How to fill datepicker

How to make a datepicker already filled out with {{NOW}} and how to add everytime 5 days to a secondary datepicker which will be filled out?

I tried with static value and start date field but no luck :roll_eyes:

Hello Freddy,

  1. Add date and time component in app structure, set its interval to days.
  2. In your first date picker add dynamic attribute > value > date and time component value. This is today’s date.
  3. In your second date picker add dynamic attribute > value > datepicker1.value and apply add days formatter:

This is really awesome! Yes baby its works like a charm even with proper formatting.:slight_smile:


Really amazing but I have the feeling to make the Web finally again accessible with Wappler! Thanx so much! BTW this is the best forum software which I’ve seen! And its made with wapp wapp wappler! :smiley: