How to extract the numbers from a decimal with the formatter?

lets say i have a form text input with the value: 52.20
and i want to know the value before the decimal (20)
how can i achieve this?

Hi @mrbdrm,
Is the value before .20 always a 2-digit number, or can it vary?

yes its always 2 digits

Use the split filter, which will generate this code:


Then add to it [0] so it becomes:


This will always return the value before the decimal.

so i need to convert it to string then split it.
Thanks @Teodor

No, if it is a form input, the value returned is always string. So just add the character to split it on:

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yes correct. Thanks

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is there a way to add the [0] from the formatter? or i just type it.

Yes, you can do that through the UI - select Split in the formatter, under Array select Top and enter 1 as a value:

This will return the first item of the split array:

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i see many more options of how to do things now.
you guys need to document all of this :slightly_smiling_face: