How to display image in update form

What is the correct way to show an image in my update form and only re-upload if the user change the current one?
the image is saved and a name in the database and uploaded in folder

I would like to know that too. There used to be a tutorial on this, but I can’t find it anymore

That’s really easy - just use the condition field, to only insert the value if an image has been uploaded in the upload step:

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This is server side.
Im interested in the form itself.
How to show the image on the form if its exists on the record. And not reupload it if the user doesn’t change it.

Just the same way as you show the rest of the data from the record.

This is shown in my screenshot above ...

But the image is saved as a name on the database.
If i link the image name to the file input will this work?
How the program know where is the image is saved on the server to dispaly it?

Well exactly! That is what my screenshot is showing - if no image is selected in the upload field it won't update it.

You cannot do this. Just use a dynamic image next/below the field to show it, or show its name.

I don't get this question?

You already did answer my question with the dynamic image. thank you

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