How to display dynamic data inside a Summernote Lite Textarea


I have a Summernote field in a form in a modal.

I’ve tried using the Dynamic Attribute for both Inner Text and HTML but whatever I do - no data is shown inside the Summernote.

Any ideas?

@Teodor tagging as this ones a little urgent, I hope you don’t mind.

Well just use dynamic value for it :slight_smile:

Thanks Teo, I don’t have that option in the UI so just wrote it manually and it’s working.

I’m having the same problem, changed a textarea with a dynamic attribute value to a Summernote Lite and there is no value option under dynamic attribute…

Yes @Teodor, I noticed that when doing a video, the option to add a dynamic value is missing. Got around it by copying a value assignment from another field and editing it.

I have done the same and you’re right it works!

On another note, how do I display text created using Summernote, if I simply use a text data binding it shows all the html summernote creates?

You use an html binding, not a text one

Is this not fixed yet? (Ugh) I’m having the same issue

What exactly are you having problems with? As far as I have experienced Summernote works as it should?

If you add a summernote text region and check the dynamic attributes, value is missing from the input attributes

Me too!

Not sure i understand what exactly is missing, but in order to use dynamic values with Summernote just add Dynamic Attributes > Summernote > Value:

For some strange reason the summernote option does not always appear

summernote in general seems glitchy



please try these files and see if you experience the same issue: (741 Bytes) (625 Bytes)

Seem to have tracked down issue, missing value attribute only missing in old Summernote lite variant.

New BS5 component has value attribute

I followed a tutorial video to implement Summernote, but it didn’t work for me. I tried many different ways including manually writing the code to no avail. However, once I read through this chat and applied @Teodor’s method of adding Form and then Summernote to my index page, it work.

When I switched over to my ‘pagecontent’ page, I noticed Summernote was functioning there as well, even though I hadn’t made any edits to that page.

Using version 6.4.0