How to dismiss tooltip after a few seconds?

On a button, I have this dynamic attribute Tooltip:

How can I make this tooltip go away after a few seconds? Right now, it seems to stay there indefinitely until I click the button again…

I think it’s best to use on hover. I personally have all kinds of UI issues when using on click especially in a table and you can have many open tooltips.

How about triggering a scheduled event that has a trigger time of a few seconds? I have no idea if there are methods for closing though.

Can’t hover on a tablet :wink: Thanks though! I’m trying to replicate this tooltip once the user clicks the button to copy to clipboard:

Interesting idea! Although you may be right there may not be a readily-available method for closing the tooltip

Good point about tablets😏

What about popping up a small modal on the click event instead of the popup. That way you could use ken’s idea of a timer and close the modal on delay

I ended “solving” this problem by replacing the button’s text and setting it to “disabled” upon click, and after 2 seconds it goes back to normal. I got rid of the tooltip

  • I added a variable btn_clicked to store a boolean saying if the button was clicked or not (false by default)
  • I added a dynamic event on the button:
    • To set the variable to “true”
    • To start the scheduled action
  • I added a scheduled action with No Repeat and No Auto Load options ticked, with a 2 seconds delay
    • In the Tick action, I set the variable to “false”
  • I added the following attributes to the button:
dmx-text="btn_clicked.value==true ? 'Clicked' : 'Click me'" 
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