How to decrypt in BS4 Table Generator Results

Loving the product, but how do you decrypt columns within a generated repeating table from encrypted records in a database?

Hi @Chris_Reed,
What’s the point of decrypting data on the page, if you store it encrypted? What are you trying to achieve?
Encryption is usually a serverside stuff - for example when you need to transfer sensitive data via cookie.

If the data is stored sensitively in the database, in some situations it would be ideal to be able to recall the data and present it on pages that are access restricted to certain members.

usually a process in a multidepartment situation where the data is sensitive in nature and not all users should view it.

not sure I’m explaining myself completely correct

thanks for the quick response

So you want to restrict data to be available for certain users only?
Why not restricting the server action with a security provider step, requiring certain logged user permission and/or restricting the page itself?

have that in place, works great,
its more the database shouldn’t have the fields in plain text so I want to encrypt it on submit (have that in place) and be able to decrypt it when needed.

that’s an interesting topic!

Hi Chris,
I did something similar for a Client recently and Teodor directed me to the solution (using DMXzone Server Data Formatter Crypto Add-on). I’m sure the solution will be similar in Wappler:

Hope it helps.

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Hi Dave, yes that’s the answer.
This must happen on the serverside, as otherwise everyone will be able to see your secret key/salt.


I gave this a go today. before I get too far into my confusing bubble… I truly appreciate all the tips and feedback!

Following the tips above, which I see the confusion from my initial post, I never expected it to be anywhere else then the server side. The steps above to get the cryptographic were awesome however I still cant get it to decrypt even with the base64 decrypt. The table stops rendering when it is presented with decryption parameters.

Again any help or feedback is appreciated.