How to combine Wappler with my existing WordPress site?

I have a WordPress site and would like to work in WordPress development inside of Wappler. In Dreamweaver that is possible. My understanding is that Wappler could replace Dreamweaver.

Please help me, Hans

Ufff I guess you cant really do that. I know the Wordpress db structure and you need to go over wp_posts as I remember to fetch articles/contents from Wordpress. Then youll see that whole content from a post isnt properly stored in separate columns, instead wordpress stores posts/contents in a bunch as JSON within a column. So and here starts the „trouble“. This column is also linked to another table of mysql from your wordpress setup. So interacting with existing posts isnt easy. Maybe WP ACF could help you to define custom columns and then start with wappler MySQL Interactions.

But you can:

  • In Wordpress add some Include/ (like Iframe) addon and show your wappler application which does, x or y.
  • Copy full design / html from Wappler and adopt it to wappler so you path etc are properly working. JS, Pics, Html/ CSS and make your application which does x or y.

but if you say it worked in DW, then it could work also with wapply :hugs: