How to cleared the date picker?


Problem essence:
A date picker consists of two “inputs”, the visible - in which we set the date and the invisible - which stores the value. If you set the date picker in the form, the visible “input” will be cleared when the form is reset, but the “input” storing the values will not be cleared. How can I clear the invisible “input” in which the values of the picker date are stored?

Thanks in advance!

Found a solution, maybe someone will come in handy:
Using a dynamic event in parallel with the form reset using setValue(") set an empty string in the input date picker.

can you please show an example of where you do that?

This is a known problem right now and will possibly be resolved in the next update.
But for now, click on your submit button, look in app structure, properties, dynamic events, find the on success event, click it, find your date picker down the left side, and add the set value.
If it doesnt make sense, possibly send a screenshot of your code and app structure so I can better direct you.