How to change ServerConnect base URL?

@karh wants to know how can we define another domain for ServerConnect’s base URL

So, imagine, you have your app hosted on, and want all ServerConnect API calls to go to

The end-goal is to share the project to a front-end developer to work on the front-end without worrying about the back-end or even having Wappler installed. This means, a run-able (NodeJS) copy of the Wappler project would be provided without the actual back-end logic - all API interactions would be done in a remote server

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Have a look at or Bing the subject

I was hoping maybe there was a setting within Wappler’s Javascript library to prepend something to the server connect URLs, it’s not a generic question by itself (unless there’s an HTML5 way of specifying a different base URL for API calls which Wappler would respect?)

Otherwise, probably we would have to dive into one of Wappler’s Javascript libraries to change to prepend a string int the place that runs the server connect API request

This may be a stupid idea, I am 3000km from my office sitting on a beach so cant test but could you use routing to redirect calls to servercomnect/api to another domain?

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Maybe not so crazy