How to change database connection from a local storage to a web based one


I have developed my database driven side on my local computer with a copy of the original web based MYSQL Database. I use as target a local folder. The definition is in the Project as localhost. It works.
I also created a database connection to the local copy of the MYSQL Database.and it works.

Now to my Problem.

I want to publish the side in the www and want to connect to the original side on the providers server.

I change the target to my website in www. for uploading al files. It works!
I also change the database connection to the MYSQL on the providers server. It works as well (no connection error)

I change the target from local to web (and save it)
I change the database connection to the web side one.

But when I enter the www page no datas are shown.

What have I overseen?


Try turning on debugging in your server connect properties. And provide a link to the page.

Then goto “Sortiment”


May sound obvious but you make no mention of it. You have copied the data from your local database to the server database or is it already there?


Both have the same datas. It is a real copy.


I think you may not have uploaded all the files, or the paths are wrong. This might help find the problem.


Let me check. May be this is the solution. Thank’s


Unfortunatly this wasn’t the solution.
I get a internal server error


The error on the link Tom sent is that it cannot find a connection named connection1

"message": "Connection \"connection1\" not found.", most probably you have not uploaded all the files to your server. Or your connection is called differently, on this server and you are pointing to the one named connection1


Maybe I don’t understand the concept.
“connection1” is connected to the local Database
“web” is connected to the web stored database.

For me it is logical if I want to use the www Side with the web stored Database I have to change:

local target to web target
database connection from connection1 to web

Server Connect remains the same.

Am I right


Your server actions point to a connection named connection1
Every step which uses database connection has a dropdown where you select your database connection.

The most logical thing will be to just open the connection1 settings and put your web server data there. Then it will just work as it is.


I did as told. But now my server actions are not shown in the “Server Actions”-Window anymore. But it still works. I haven’t deleted it!