How to block upload of nude image?


Is there an option to check an image for nudity and block the upload if present?

I have checked the File upload Properties and can’t see anything. Do I need to use a third-party API?


Yes, we don’t have any options like this available in Wappler.

Thanks Teodor.


Not Hotdog:

We use Cloudimage for all kinds of image manipulations, they have a face blurring feature. I cant see a nudity filter but if you look at their filters page they are open to adding any that you may need (obviously within reason) - may be worth giving the team a shout and see of they can do it:

They have a generous free account option, may be worth a look for you.

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You need a image recognition service, such as the Vision API by Google. It’s mainly used for object content recognition, but can also check for inapropriate content.


Thanks, HeikoK.

This will do the trick.