How to become "RICH" with wappler

So you have the multi-million dollar business idea right?
Build it yourself or pay a developer in India (share your idea or just buy a theme/template)?

Importing a website to Wappler will ruin your creative efforts.

Build it from scratch with Wappler.

Templates and sites built outside Wappler were developed based on the logic of the developer. You can’t really grow thinking like the developer - heck, he is not you nor your project.

Here is how to use Wappler:

Step 1:
Time your programming. (eg. I want to finish this project in x days, weeks or months)

Step 2:
Spend a day and write the logic of your website on a sheet of paper.

Step 3:
Visualize the logic of your idea or website or project from the point of view of a user (Customer).

Step 4:
Find your template scheme, build you CSS. Visualize your buttons and write it to a CSS file. Give it all a variable.

Step 5:
Visualize your database. This process never ends so don’t hurt yourself when you don’t get it right at first. Once you modify your data tables, call your “AppConnect” database file, save it again or test your connection. This helps Wappler pick all changes. (Less painless than Dreamweaver)

Step 5:
Start with your homepage (marketing page). Sell the product. Market it. Get users.

Step 6:
Open Wappler and make all your user’s request come alive. Your CSS remains constant. Your database will shift pretty often, Wappler remains constant.

Step 7:
Become Rich!

Buy a Lamborghini and watch your speed! Those things run fast!


Lets use for eg.:

For step 4. I‘m struggling but take my post here with Dashboard Examples: Templates for Dashboard or Admin Interface?

Or maybe someone has a better idea for layouting?

a Wappler super car like @drymetal posted :smile:


Hilarious, just bought my own virtual Lamborghini… :grinning: :smiley: :smile: :smile:

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