How to apply bootstrap?

Hi. I am following youtube tutorial step-by-step.

During watching video, the screen in the youtube and my screen is different.
on youtube, it looks some style is (automatically) apply already, but mine is not.
I didn’t miss any stage.
This is on you tube screen,

and this is mine. no color, no table style…etc.

Can you help me?
Thanks in advance.


If you click this button in the top right, just above the tree, you’ll be able to add Bootstrap

Hi. @Digo
I did it. But it looks the same as before.
the video created in 2022. I think… because of updated?
how the form aligned well and center in the video without applying anything. but mine is just raw design.
But thanks.

  • What does the layout page look like?
  • Are the content pages linked to the layout page?
  • Does the layout page load Bootstrap?

You need to apply it on your main template, not on register.ejs

Hi. @Apple
How can i do that? there was no stage in the video that applying CSS in main template…
however, I guess… below is what you may talking about. if not, could you please guide me?

But still it looks like


Very similar to @ Digo instructions

  1. Select your main/base template
  2. See screenshot:
  3. See screenshot:

Hi. @Apple
I did it. but the same. um… is this normal?

or did I do something wrong?


Click “App Structure”

You’re welcome!

Hi. @Apple

I am sorry for asking basic things,
this is what my setup. i wonder what setting I missed, it is different in the video… so i am asking.

It’s ok! Though I personally lack the time to assist further, someone else will help you :slight_smile:

When you create a new page, you have this:

The page should be based on a base layout (in my screenshot called “main”). If I go to the layouts folder, I can find it there:

That “main.ejs” page is the one where you add Bootstrap, following the instructions I mentioned earlier

I checked Primary blue button style, but it doesn’t changed.
how to fix?

Looks like you still have not added bootstrap to your layout page

I guess that you are ignoring these important questions. So, onto another tack.

The impression that I get, is that you have not followed @Hyperbytes’ playlist from the start. Therefore, there is no layout page that services the content page.

I do not want to confuse you, by pointing to a playlist that I am working on. But this video may offer some clarification.

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Hi. @ben
Thank you so much for your guide. I will check it for sure. :slight_smile:

Hi. @Hyperbytes
Thanks for the comments. yes. I think so. But I will check the video @ben recommended.