How to append a link to a truncated paragraph

I created a page with news articles generates from data and I have truncated the paragraph containing the news story with “read more” appended to the article.

How do I make the “read more” into a hyperlink?

Story.trunc(250, true, “… read more”)

Just append ‘…’ only and add the read more link after that.

I added it using + operator after the append like this but it didn’t work

I must be doing it incorrectly

Story.trunc(250, true, “…” + “<a href=NewsDetail.php?id={{newdsid}}”>…Read More")

What I mean is to add it after the whole truncated text / after the whole tag.

Ok thanks, I was hoping to sort of include it in the text rather than below it, possibly even make it disappear if it did not need truncated, this can be a project for another day. Thanks for your help again

Well wether it will be on a new line or not depends only on CSS display property - block, inline etc.

OH ok thanks. Not gonna nutz with that just now but good info for later