How to add Captcha to Registration Form

I have a registration form that I have noticed hundreds of randomly generated entries by a robot. I want to add Captcha to prevent non human registration.
Any good documentation and video on steps to implement Captcha in Wappler?

Take a look at CSRF tokens which are great for stopping bots

CSRF Token may not work for a situated where a user is not authenticated and you don't have a session you want to protect from being hijacked. I need Captcha from Wappler.

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How to use captcha is contained in this post but i have not found it very effective in blocking bots.

Cloudflare turnstile is more effective and easy to integrate

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Only recently, have I been allowed to enter websites that use the Turnstile widget. Previous to that, I did not pass the test. In other words, be careful when using the widget.

An alternative is to use a honeypot field. This can be prepopulated with a secret key as described in

You can use the recaptcha component in Wappler.
Add recaptcha as a step in your server action and add it in your form. Insert the required API keys and you’re done.