How much help can a newbie get when developing with wappler

I just found out about wappler recently while researching on tools that non-coders like me can use to develop database driven product ideas that can be taken to market.

I am not a coder by any stretch of your imagination but I have a basic understanding of relational database design, graphic design with photoshop, elementary HTML and CSS. I have worked with Dreamweaver in the past and I can structure a web application workflow. I have been involved more in the brainstorming and design part of product development than implementation (coding and hosting).

I have a couple of ideas I want to develop end to end, this is uncharted waters for me and I feel wappler is my best chance of developing it on my own.

I have gone through the documentation on the wappler site and I have also watched every minute of pauls detailed video tutorial on which is amazing work. This has given me a lot of confidence that I can do it, but I have been around long enough to know that not everything usually goes as planned. I also know that I might not be able to achieve some functionality which might be important to the product I am developing and might need custom coding which might be past my skill level.

My questions are

  1. How much hand-holding can I get in this forum
  2. I want to move as fast as possible, how do I manage when I am stock
  3. What happens if I need custom coding to achieve some features
  4. Development is more than coding, how can I get advice on how best to approach a task and other implementation related things
  5. When do you think integration with stripe payment using wappler will be ready

I am ready to start the journey with wappler I just do not know how much help I can get, because I think I will need a lot of it

I am open to any suggestion from anyone, please.

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MY experience i that the Wappler community will provide whatever support you require and several members are preparing tutorial sites. I and i believe that soon will come online. You will get whatever help you need.

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Hi Jay and welcome to Wappler!

The best way to get started with Wappler is to read its docs fully:

With Wappler you can do everything without coning - even a very advanced custom made web sites and CMS.
You can even go and produce full blown mobile apps!

You do have to invest a bit time in learning Wappler and how the included frameworks work, but once you get its way of working you will be producing sophisticated solutions at full speed.

Also in this community forum we are all here.All experienced Wappler users and we the makers are here to help so if you get stuck.

And you will get help not only about how to do stuff in Wappler but also general web development and best practices - because here are many great web developers with years of experience in making high quality custom build web sites.

As for the Stripe integration we don't have a time frame for that but it is often requested so we will increased the priority of it.

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I am probably the guy with the ultimate lack of logic on here. The help provided is excellent and fast. And if you get depressed by not seeing the logic of things, they help you with that too. :rofl::wink: @George

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