How many Wappler users here from South Africa?

Just out of total and utter interest, wondering how many South African users are using Wappler?

Hi, Marcel here from Randburg, Johannesburg.

Hey Marcel, Paul here from Durban, nice to meet you, and to know some users are out there, always good to know if I get hit by a bus one day that I can tell my clients to contact another Wappler user in the vicinity :sunglasses:
Are you on a Mac or PC by the way?

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Nice to meet you as well! I am on a Mac. I am UX lead for Joburg/International Startup by day and build some projects for a couple of clients at night and over weekends. Been using DMX extensions since early 2008.

I think @marceleste is also from SA

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@George That is me. I created a seperate profile for beta testing way back. back on my old dmx registered email now :slight_smile:

Aha! I thought something strange is going on :slight_smile:

@newsbeat is also from South Africa although he wasn’t quickly convinced about the Wappler’s powers and preferred to stick to hand coding.

Maybe you should organize some meet ups there and exchange knowledge in more personal level

And we also have @Adriaan, @lungcandy, @dgwoolley, @Mozzi and @jaybee

I have done many projects with @Adriaan. He is in Bloemfontein, my home town. Bloemfontein sounds very Dutch @George :wink:

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Thanks so much @George and @pixlapps for confirming. There are more South African Wappler users than I would have ever imagined!!
It’s really awesome to know.
I like your idea @George of us all getting together for a “Geek Meet” at some stage, would be great to have a pub full of drunked Wappler users to chat about the various aspects of the application and what each of them specialise in.

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