How is Wappler Wallet made

Bit of a different question.
I assume this was created with wappler? Is this something where you are able to share the design of it?
As I’ve been thinking of a credit/balance design for my website, this would be awesome.
I believe I know how to design it well, but I’m sure your methods will be far superior to what I could do.

Bizarrely, and I’m not entirely sure why, the Wappler Account site isn’t built with Wappler!

Adding a credit option should be easy, though. Just do the payment processing in the usual way but add the amount to a balance field in the user’s data as part of the callback script.

Because it’s being rendered server side and Wappler can’t handle that type of rendering to its full extent.

We are just using Stripe as payment provider and they have a nice “Balance” option that allows you to create your own Wallet for your customers to pay their upcoming invoices, see:


oh i didnt even know stripe had a balance. been thinking of a good credit system when I should of just checked stripe docs.
If I know stripe, there will be a nice fee along with this tho haha