How hard would it be to make the visual web app creator web based?

I’m a full time design engineer. Since I’m not rich and I don’t use professional design suites for private purposes, I’ve moved to solutions like for CAD (Computer Aided Design) and for EDA (Electronic Design Automation). I love these tools with all my heart since they give me the ability to work everywhere I want to, onshape even has mobile apps. The tools rely on context sensitive and very polished interfaces. Like Wappler.

Which begs the question, are there plans to provide an online web app for this software? I read that you use nw.js to build Wappler. So Wappler itself is web technology right?

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I thought about the exactly same point last week. I guess it will be done earlier or later.

But then comes the next point which means: Whole concept of hosting would change.

Possible Questions:

As its browser based then should it work on Ipad, samsung Galaxy or anything else?

Documentation, Howtos or Annotated pictures/Screenshots could be created right away via Webbased Wappler maybe trough a 3. party screenshot/video plugin.

What happens if youre not connected to WAN?

As its browser based, multiuser or teamwork could be possible.

There could be also a „Wappler Marketplace“ where people sell snippets/plugins or templates.

Should Wappler offer hosted solutions instantly or partner with AWS or services like digitalocean?

I guess as FTP/Remote upload isnt really needed in that way we know, maybe file handling/file saving will be revisionable.

How far goes the hosting/firewall or implementation of other products?

As it will be hosted it makes sense to handle some dns/hosting stuff. But do we go with Apache? Nginx or whos part is it now to make stuff not even more complex as it is already.

Maybe plugins would be possible, so 0auth or sso/3. party services could be integrated directly like zapier or workflows ?

I guess that will open a philosophical aspect. So lets talk about it :ok_hand:t5::laughing:

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I guess the complexity of such a project would be no less than the actual software itself. Right now, I believe the team concentrates on improving the stability of Wappler and extending its features. But who knows? Maybe one day this becomes a whole new platform that blasts everything known away? I would love to see that!


Exactly - we are indeed fully focused in building the best, easiest and fastest tool. So we use a lot of native technologies to achieve that and those available only in local apps.

Making it web base will just make Wappler 100 times slower as it has to work on all browsers…

But who knows! in the future it can happen, browsers are gaining super powers by the day.

Also a lot is possible on iOS.

So the future is bright :slight_smile: