How hard would a kanban board be to make?

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with kanban boards, but you can drag and drop cards in-between lanes or columns. Does Wappler have everything built in to do that? Where if you drag from area A to area B - the record will update? Is drag and drop possible without digging into code?

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I have created a drag and drop feature with AppConnect for reordering images. It requires minimal handcoding. So I guess what you also want to created can be achieved.


@t11 Mind sharing what you used for the drag and drop?

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Yes I can do that, just let me organize it a bit since my notes were a bit ‘rough mode’.


Sure - share and if it looks good we can always make an app connect component from it.

Drag & drop reordering of items is a very common request


Using drag and drop to re-order table rows and update a corresponding database field would be a very useful feature. I use this in most backend/admin systems I’ve developed. I haven’t tried using it with Server/App Connect yet.


I’ve used something similar to this for images

Lebedev Konstantin seems to have done a lot of work as can be seen from and


Nice examples, but as far as I could see, they just deal with the client-side display - ie the order of dragged items would revert if the browser were refreshed etc. It would be great if Wappler could add an extension using Server and App Connect to do something like this:



Hi Tom,
with all the scripts for client-side reordering you can trigger and update record server action, which updates the order as soon as the item is dragged.

Actually we are thinking of adding such a functionality in wappler, based on: or


Hi Teodor
Great examples - and would certainly be a good feature to have in Wappler.

Hi there, passing a tutorial on how to update image order by drag and drop

Also check the file online

Thank you


Thanks - a really good demo. (Your robot has a nice voice too.)

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Hey @TomD glad you like it!

Indeed great demo @t11 ! Also love the recording voice - what program do you use?

Also maybe you can make from your site a good learning resource as well, listing all the tips and tricks in there. and general info. You are missing the index now :slight_smile:
So people can easily find all the great stuff you are posting in one place!

Like the great Wappler learning sites @psweb with and @Hyperbytes with have made and also continuously update.

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Well done @t11 love the demo, brilliantly done. Very clever.


Thank you for your kind words. Yes the website does not actually exist but will be adding stuff. The software is a SAAS called and indeed is great

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Thank you very much @psweb. I really appreciate it

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A truly helpful tutorial, easy to follow and saving me a tonne of time. Much appreciated.

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Which reminds me - Niko how is the Wappler Guru site going on - a see a default page only :slight_smile:

Does this work on Mobile??