How do you host your Wappler sites?

I saw Geroge praising Hetzner in the Wappler update post and started looking into it and then got curious about how other people are hosting their websites.

Between shared hosting, things like Heroku and Railway, VPS etc. it is hard to know what is best for you. Also have to think about things like Docker vs no Docker, where you host your database, and what domain registrar to use.

Would love to hear about your preferred hosting setup and why you like it.

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not sure why no one replies, but here goes.

I don’t use docker.
Installed Wappler on a Mac.
Created a Digital Ocean droplet and W publishes to that automatically.
Use NodeJS version
Connect to a MSSQL database somewhere in the cloud, maintained by someone else.
Easy, cheap, worry free.


We use dedicated managed servers, mainly windows server latest versions. This allows us to create in .NET, PHP, classic ASP and NodeJS. Having Wappler in that mix is a perfect partnership.

Mainly using MySQL/MariaDB on the backend.

Having full server access is not really that expensive but allows a lot of flexibility and ensures we always have plenty of resources at the best prices.

I keep a close eye on pricing and am always surprised at the relatively high costs of shared hosting Vs managed server.

We buy our domains wholesale from domain box, been using them for 20 years.

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I use a cloud based VPS with cPanel, not a huge Docker fan, prefer the level of control offered by FTP personally.


I’m all in on Digital Ocean. Use them to host my docker images on droplets and their managed databases (MySQL). Considering moving to their app platform but haven’t made the switch yet.

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I’m using local server provider due cheaper and worry-free currency exchange when payment. The workflow is using master branch on github to build docker images on Coolify.

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I use the CI/CD ways of doing deployment. I push the codes to Github and then build the image from the docker file and push it to Docker hub then run the image on any cloud provider. Digital ocean, Google cloud platform or Caprover which I am loving these days.

There is a lot more that goes into this work flow tho.

If you all need a demo video on this let know and I try to document it.

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I was looking into this previously and was curious if/how you use Wappler targets when doing GIT deploys?

A over simplification:
You can think of the Wapper target like different configuration yml file for each servers you want to deploy to. For example. Development, Production, Staging etc. each of those folders contain their different set of yml that is targeting the Development, Production and Staging servers.

On the git side you can have your master, dev, feature. You can push to remote dev branch all the time and set some git action on pull request to remote master to build the image from whatever configuration it set in target folder.

Thanks for the info. Just to clarify something, if you want a dev db and a live db you would need a Wappler target for each. In the target connected with the live db what info would you put for server type and web server url?

So, even in development I connected to a live database development database. I only turn on the database in Wappler just so it spin up configuration as part of the service that is needed along with the image that I then point to ENV.

So in other words you will use ENV to target the connection to the external database for development, production, staging, etc.