How Do I Create a Server Action Folder in the Root?

This is such a simple thing but seems to complex to do…

When I already have lots of Server Action folders, how do I create a new one in the root of the structure?

When I create a new folder it always appears inside another folder and I cannot find a way to move it out to the root!

Well, just deselect the selected folder first - ctrl+click :slight_smile:

But I have nothing selected and it is still created in the folder I last selected!

Okay… when I [ctrl] click on the last folder it works…

but that is the most cryptic form of user interface for something soooo simple! :frowning:

We are open for suggestions on improving this workflow :slight_smile:

I think what is confusing is that when at the root level you have nothing selected, in fact there can be something selected inside a folder but you don’t know… so you would have to open every folder to see that nothing is selected before it will create your new folder in the root.

If clicking outside of any folder did the same as [ctrl]-click on the thing that is selected (e.g. deselected all) it would be more intuitive, certainly for me.

Then the new folder would be created in the root or whatever folder you choose to open.

Thanks for your openness about change @Teodor!

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Just drag it where you want it.

For what it is worth, i normally get around this issue by simply creating the folder then dragging wherever i want it. Been doing that so long now i have accepted it as part of the workflow but I do understand the confusion it can cause

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We’ve been thinking how to make this more friendly for a while and I think adding a fictional default root like “api” will solve it.


Or perhaps dmxConnect/api/ as it represents the actual path.

yes that is what my proposed “api” will point to

I mean to display dmxConnect/api as a visual reference so people know how to reach that file via URL…just to help new users.

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We create the folder in the file manager as have also discovered the same issue.

Why would I want to reach it via a URL - to invoke it from another Server Action?

It may do… but I think it will just cause more confusion to the new user… more “Making me think”…

:thinking: so is this an api call?
:thinking: I thought it was a server action?
:thinking: If my server action isn’t an api call does it go in another folder somewhere else?
:frowning: Wappler is confusing me… I’ll stay with Bubble!

I think it is very important to keep what is seen the same as now, but just create a gui that works. Maybe check out something like Windows Explorer… they must have cracked this kind of thing.

I think that Wappler should follow the OS its used on. So no folder selected and create a new one will make it root and folder selected it will be created in selected folder.
At least for me i notice my self get confused when i expect a certain behavior like the OS and then
Wappler is doing something else.


I have Cron tasks running scripts in the api folder so knowing the path is actually quite helpful. The URL is also used if giving other sites access to the API.

Like Jon I have cron’s and I often test via external tools like postman. I also code things in python that interact with sites. And then there are times to permit access to other api services by url.

But I’m not the target user for this…I already know what the path is. :slight_smile: my comment was only to suggest an extension of what George is doing. In other words, if putting api, maybe put the whole path.

Personally, I would just create new items in the root if nothing is selected, which means having a way to click in white space to deselect after selecting soldering else. New users won’t know to cmd click.

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