How can this be done?


Ok I have a form input that creates a date stamp. (works no issues)
But what I need to do is:

#1 Insert the form (all working)
#2 filter the result from last inserted (all working)
#3 Send an email which includes the unique ID from #2

#3 is where I am having problems as in Actions Steps it does not allow me to grab the unique ID from #2 where the record is filtered (I have output selected on that.)

Any suggestions or ideas would be great.


Hi Peter,
Is step 2 always returning a single value?


It should be filtering the user based on #1 entry.
I need the unique ID so I can create a link in the email to confirm the email address.

Page I an working on is here


Ok but this does not really answer my question - do you expect step 2 to always return one record, when filtered with step 1 value?


sorry @Teodor yes it should only return 1 record for the 1 user who has just registered


You can directly enter the expression:

{{query1[0].id}} - just replaces query1 with your query name and id with your id column :slight_smile: