How Can I Reset Input Values in an Inner Repeat?

I have a structure in my HTML like this, where is a data store:

   button start_again
   input i_name
   repeat questions
      input i_question
   button add_new_attendee
   button complete_form

(note that nothing here is within a <form> structure)

When the button start_again is clicked, I want to reset the values of input i_name and each of the i_question responses.

Resetting the value of i_name works okay with the syntax:


Because it is in the same level of repeat hierarchy as the button.

My question is what syntax can I use to reset the value of each of the i_question inputs which occur within this specific repeat of attendees?

It is not possible to access the items in a repeater from the outside, at least not official. You could try questions.items[0].i_question.value to access the first question input, not sure if this works in al situations and if it will keep working in future updates.

Brilliant, thanks sooo much for your input @patrick!

Maybe I’ll approach it by binding on some values that I can control from the outside then.