How can I learn more about state management

Is state management information available - I would like to understand all the things you can do with the icons in the below jpeg (and how to implement those things) :slight_smile:

It would be so helpful for someone like me to have a reference that depicted each Icon in Wappler (not just the state management icons, all of them) along with a good description of what each does / can do and a few examples of how to implement each.

I know I’m not even scratching the surface of all the capabilities in Wappler - there are hundreds of Icons and I have no idea what most of them do, more importantly – I don’t understand how to figure it out…

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Hello @norcoscia,
You can take a look here:

As for the icons - their names pretty much explain what they do:

Query manager - manages query params (URL params)
Cookie manager - manages your cookies
Session storage manager - manages your sessions

As almost any other component in Wappler you can control them using dynamic events … i.e. on click store this, on any other event remove that etc.

The one I don’t understand is session manager - is it possible to save the state of everything on a page so it can be reinstated via some action?

Would that be considered a session manager function?

If not – is there something else that can take a “snapshot” of the current page contents so the page can be recreated (regenerated) later?

I think you need to have at least basic knowledge of what sessions, cookies and local storage are and what are the differences between them.
In your case you should use cookies. Like this:
but instead of binding the data on the page … just bind it as a dynamic attribute to your field.

So what you need to do is to store what is entered in your form fields, and then if you leave your page, or reload it - the data won’t be lost.

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Thanks so much for helping me Teodor, I guess what I’m trying to do is learn how to grab my whole form (and it’s data and save it) - then recall it later and display it. Is it possible to do something like this with the make server connect form.

In the picture below my form is selected but I’m not sure how to use the “Make server connect form” button (red arrow…)

Sorry to bump an old thread, but I figured it would be better to add to an existing question rather than start a new one.

I too am learning when it is most appropriate to use cookies vs. local storage vs. session storage and found the following table helpful. It seems there is a lot of overlap in functionality, as they are all intended to store data, but you can see one method of storage (e.g. session storage) is better suited to storing certain kinds of data than perhaps another method.

I am sure there are security implications with using each, depending on what you wish to store (which admittedly I am unfamiliar with) but hopefully someone finds this information helpful at a cursory level.


Can wappler please hire you? I have seen some of your posts and they are crystal clear. This is the kind of education I’m missing from the wappler team. Keep em coming!

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@nevil that is awfully kind of you to say. I am a lifelong learner, and my goal is to bring others along with me as I improve on my own skills. I really believe in Wappler as a tool and am happy you’ve found some benefit in my question asking. Thank you!

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