How can I connect to sqlite

does anyone know ? how can I connect to sqlite database file

Hi Serhat,
Try entering the full path to the file.

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yeap teodor , solved …

thank you very much

I have tried that. I am noticing the file name extension is db. Is that the only extension it will take? Not *.sqlite3? Can I add a path to the file in my web directory or only on the computer. I have tried putting the database file in the Wappler project directory and it will say the database is connected but will not find any tables when I try to build the query. Any other suggestions. Perhaps you can attach a same db in case the utility I am using isn’t creating the proper structure. Thanks.

Have you added a ‘Database Connection’ step before your query in the Server Connect Steps?

Absolutely. BC I know this step from using MySQL. TY

what type is full path?
http? or ftp?
I already tried both of them.
but this error
Please help me.
thank you

Hi @Akio_Sensei

It's the full server path, like:

As per your error - do you have the required PDO drivers for sqlite installed on your server?


Yes, I already fixed the issue and worked fine now.
thank you.

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