How can I change the local folder path for an existing project?

I tried to set-up a new project and somehow the local path of an existing project got changed to the path of the new project I was trying to create. Can you please step me through how to get the correct local path restored on my existing project? For the life of me, I can’t find the place to do that. Also, the project name of my existing project (FPCMS) got changed to the project name I tried to create (EMS) even though under the project settings, the project name still says FPCMS. Please see pics.Thanks. Cynthia.




Hi Cynthia, welcome to Wappler.

You can get to your project settings with the gear icon next to your target.

Hello Brad,

So I tried to change the web root folder to the correct path but I get an error message.


Actually the Wappler project is full contained in its folder. Wappler just keeps a reference to that folder in its projects list.

So if that folder moved, you just need to delete the Wappler project definition in Wappler project manager and import the new project folder to bring it back to Wappler.


Can you please provide me detailed instructions? I’m fairly new to Wappler and don’t know exactly how I would do that. Thanks.



Just to clarify, could you please provide me detailed instructions on how to import the new project? Thanks.

First remove your existing project from Wappler:

Then use the Open Existing Project option to open your new project folder:

WOW! That was easy. Now I feel stupid. Thanks so much for your help!

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